How Lumin helped Buxton reduce costs, increase resident happiness and bring their village into the modern age

“With Lumin, we’ve found that as well as being a responsive emergency call system, it also allows us to do a welfare check of all our residents without being invasive and knocking on doors.”

Nolan Stevens – General Manager

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Challenge - Outdated notifications were impacting Buxton’s bottom line

The old days of having to put a notice in residents letterboxes, hoping they got it yet having no way of automatically confirming just wasn’t working for us any longer. The time we were spending going back and forth was far from efficient.


Now with Lumin installed, we can send messages individually or en mass, plus we can see if they’ve actually read the message.

We can also check in remotely to see if our residents have any issues or requirements, and we can see how often they interact with the screen.

To be able to assess and check that everyone’s ok everyday has been a huge time saver for our staff, especially during COVID.

Challenge - Balancing resident wellbeing with privacy

Many of our clients often take an afternoon nap or just enjoy time being alone. So it’s always been a tricky balancing act for our staff, who whilst are dedicated to their wellbeing, really don’t like to unnecessarily intrude on residents privacy.


Lumin now allows us to do a welfare check of all our residents without being invasive and knocking on doors. Through the portal we can identify who is up and about and who is active within their apartments.

Our staff no longer have to interrupt residents who are just chilling out, and our residents have peace of mind knowing we’ll be there if the system triggers an alert.

Challenge - keeping residents living independently for longer

At the core of Buxton’s commitment, is keeping their residents living a happy, safe, independent life with them for as long as possible.

And they had an incident recently where a resident started sleep walking at night, and it was no longer going to be safe for him to stay living at their ONEtoANOTHER village.


We had a mag lock trigger on his apartment door at night.

Then if he went to go wandering, it would pick up and trigger the Lumin screen and it would call his family and children and they would be able to talk to their father and settle him down.

I think we’ve been operating that for about 6 months now and it’s kept him living independently in the village.

Challenge - Buxton needed a solution that would future proof their villages

At ONEtoANOTHER we’re trying to bring forward the old images of retirement villages and bring it forward into the new age.

We needed technology with the capacity to offer different features to people. Whether that’s being able to monitor them remotely, check on them, message with them, or make emergency calls.


As well as communication and safety, the Lumin smart hub can also connect with smart home.

This means it can interact with lighting, air conditioning systems, blinds and all the things that you would expect from a modern home now or in the future.

Being a wireless based technology, it’s very easy to retrofit these systems into existing villages and environments regardless of what you may have in place already. So you can bring in smart lighting, and you can leverage more sophisticated duress.

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