The Complete Package

Say hello to the Smart Hub that brings Duress Alarms, Smart Home connectivity and VOIP capabilities to your facility, at a fraction of the usual cost.

Technology That Dares to Care

Lumin Smart Hub is so much more than a normal tablet. It’s an experience that removes the frustrations and challenges of technology for the people using it, whilst giving facilities everything they need for safety and communications in one easy package.

Cultivate Connections

Improve communications between staff, residents and their friends and family. Make it easier for everyone to stay in touch and engage with people, one-on-one, or as a group.

Improved Operations

Give residents the option to enjoy the benefits of living digitally. No complex infrastructure is required to offer duress alarms, smart home and VOIP/PBX facilities within your organisation.

Tailored Experiences

Lumin Smart Hub is a remotely monitored touchscreen, customised for each individual’s needs. It’s the perfect tablet for those with cognitive or dexterity issues, and the tech-shy.

Lumin Smart Hub has all the qualities of a great companion…

A trusted listener

Lumin Smart Hub is voice activated, but keeps conversations private and won’t share them online.

You can talk to it, or even yell at it without hurting its feelings. It will call for help, make calls, tell you what’s on and more.

Ideal for individuals who suffer from impaired vision, limited dexterity or anybody who doesn’t want to get up on a cold night!

Always ready to help

Upgrade and future-proof your PERS system with 4G/5G capability.

Using voice, a pendant or wall mounted button, users can call for help from family or a 24/7 call centre.

The alarm provides immediate contact with a remote call centre, nurses station or nominated carers in the case of medical or other emergencies.

One push of the button is all it takes.

“The duress function on Lumin has been absolutely wonderful. A simple press of the button on the Lumin portal or on the residents pendant and the emergency call system is activated immediately."
Chris Biggin Buxton
Chris Biggin
Assistant Village Manager Buxton Group

Takes on the tricky tasks

Now you can live life the smart way!

Lumin Smart Hub can operate blinds, adjust the heating and lock the door with a single click when connected to smart home.

Imagine having the convenience of being able to manage lights, AC and even doors and windows with voice, or a single touch from your favourite chair or cosy bed without getting up.

Loves a good catch up

Replace traditional phone lines with the Lumin phone.

Get a built-in landline, messages and video calling without the hassle of maintaining ageing infrastructure.

Much cheaper than a dated VOIP/PBX system, the device has its own phone number, a one click phone book and a large dial pad for calling any number. It can even work with a traditional handset.

The Perfect Fit
Lumin Smart Hub can be flush mounted into the wall for custom accomodation builds and connected to video doorbells and smart locks.
Always Connected
Lumin Smart Hub is also portable. Wi-Fi and data backup by SIM card ensures Lumin Smart Hub is always connected and ready to go.
Big on Real Estate
One of the tablets best assets is the large 17" touch screen. It makes Lumin Smart Hub the perfect companion for people to relax with.

Revolutionary Living

Loaded with the solutions independent seniors, disability and retirement communities need.

Something missing? Want more?

Lumin is designed to GROW with you…

It’s Smart Enough To Provide For Your Every Need

Purpose built for the market to fulfil duty of care, provide wellness and health benefits for users, unlock additional revenue streams for providers and evolve to offer exciting new services.

Video Calling

Home Sensor Monitoring

Zigbee Connectivity

Health & Wellness Monitoring

Entertainment & Games

Medication Reminders & Delivery


Doctors Appointments

Voice Control

Emergency Alerts

Want a closer look at how Lumin Smart Hub can help your organisation?